Guy Capecelatro III

Guy Capecelatro III is a prolific singer-songwriter who has played in a slew of bands (Unbunny, South China, Toast, Northern, The Buckets, Laurel Brauns, Foxlove, Size of Guam, Ghostly Neighbor, Pale Wallace, The Landladys, Mara Flynn, The Estate Collective) and is a frequent collaborator (Brown Bird, Tan Vampires, Craig Werth, Pearl and the Beard, Anna Vogelzang, Dan Blakeslee). Drawing more inspiration from the literary world than musical, his songs give an intricate glimpse into many worlds. Travelling through 47 states hitch-hiking around the country before entering first grade, racing motorcycles, studying philosophy and doing a wide array of jobs (landscaper, dishwasher, lifeguard, bus-boy, dock-builder, babysitter, record-reviewer, painter, cook, chimney sweep, mason) all play a part in the work. Capecelatro has published two books of poetry with a third and a collection of stories set to be released in 2022. He currently lives in Kittery Maine and works as a landscaper.

“With a unique sense of songwriting, he utilizes assorted instrumentation, a rotating group of singers, and folk storytelling to create off kilter songs. Citing influences that include authors as well as musicians, Guy views his writing as fiction or stories that ‘end up being bull-dogged into songs.’” – NPR Second Stage

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