You, Me, and This Fucking Guy

Out now: “Garden,” the latest single from You, Me and This Fuckin’ Guy (formerly King Missile IV), featuring John S. Hall of King Missile, and Azalia Snail and Dan West of LoveyDove.

Download or stream the single, or pick up the limited edition lathe-cut 7” while they’re still available and get the download for free. Act quickly: when the 7“s are sold out, that’s it – there will be no second pressing!


Out now: Aardvark, the latest single from New Jersey power popsters Stuyvesant. Two hard-driving, hook-laden tracks marking the band’s first new music since 2016’s “Don’t.”

Download or stream the single, or pick up the limited edition lathe-cut 7” while they’re still available, and get the download for free. Act quickly; when the 7“s are gone, they’re gone!

Drac / Witch
Sink Tapes

Out now: “Drac / Witch,” a fantastic new three-song single by Sink Tapes. Three lovely slices of homemade indie pop, just like in the old days of Dromedary, when everything that we did had this flavor. We’re thrilled to be working with them.

You can download the three songs, or, you can pick up the limited edition lathe-cut 7” while they last, and get the download free.

Sink Tapes

Personality Crisis
The 65's

Out now: “Personality Crisis,” a raunchy cover of the New York Dolls’ classic by New Jersey punk veterans The 65’s. All proceeds will be donated to the GoFundMe campaign of Dolls’ guitarist Sylvain Sylvain, currently undergoing cancer treatment.

To make a donation to Sylvain’s GoFundMe yourself (and we humbly ask that you do), visit here

Teenage Waistline
Teenage Waistline

We are sold out of limited-edition lathe-cut 7“s of Teenage Waistline, the new single by Richmond, VA’s Positive No, but you can still pick it up on all digital formats.

We can’t say enough about what awesome people the band are, and their aggressive style of melodic pop is right up our alley.

Positive No - Teenage Waistline

Easter Tuesday
Joy Cleaner

We are now sold out of lathe-cut 7“s of the Joy Cleaner Easter Tuesday single. We have a few cassettes left, and you can also download the tracks in the high-res format of your choice.

Check out a great single by one of our favorite bands in New Jersey. Check it out!

Melting Hopefuls

“Gondola,” by Melting Hopefuls, was the first track ever released by Dromedary as the lead cut on the out-of-print compilation “Nothing Smells Quite Like Elizabeth.”

We’re thrilled to release a remixed and remastered version of the track, and make it available for free download to anyone who wants it! Happy Anniversary Dromedary!

Gondola - Melting Hopefuls

David Rat • The United Hates
David Rat

Finally, it’s the long awaited full-length digital EP from the great David Rat, The United Hates.

In 20+ years of releasing music, this is our first “serious” album, the first one we’ve released that demands that you sit down and spend time with it. The tracks don’t ease into your mind like a typical Dromedary pop song; they pound you until you pay attention and then they hold you rapt.

From '93 'Til Infinity

To celebrate our 20th anniversary of putting out records, we asked our friends to go back to 1993 with us, choose from one of the great indie rock songs that were released that year, and record a cover. The result is a fantastic assortment of great songs, from some of the greatest indie rock bands ever.

"50 Ft. Queenie" b/w "Adult Themes"
Cinema Cinema

“50 Ft. Queenie,” b/w “Adult Themes,” the Dromedary debut from Brooklyn art-noise duo Cinema Cinema. Listen and let them destroy you.

Dancing with the Star-ving
David Rat

“Dancing with the Star-ving,” b/w “Me,” the FREE digital single from No Wave pioneer David Rat. Rat, former drummer/composer from the seminal NYC noise rock band Rat At Rat R.

Dancing with the Star-ving

Vulnerable Boy
The Mommyheads

Alternately an exploration of modern prog-rock, a delicate collection of classical-influenced piano ballads and a string of anthemic power pop masterpieces, Vulnerable Boy sees the band members spreading their creative wings and challenging each other as musicians. The result yields a beautiful, powerful progressive pop album.

The Mommyheads - Vulnerable Boy

North for the Winter
Guy Capecelatro III

North for the Winter is 18 sharp vignettes full of musical and lyrical surprises. Musical saw, singing bowls and bouzouki compliment the usual lineup of guitar, bass and drums for a cinematic take on Americana marked by Capecelatro’s subliminal melodies and erudite lyrics.

We’re pleased to present you with the beautiful collection of lonely winter songs: North for the Winter. Get the download alone for just $5.00, or buy the CD for $7.00 and get the download free.

Guy Capecelatro III - North for the Winter

Tunnel Trees
cuppa joe

Here’s the long-awaited return of the home-spun indie pop of South Jersey’s Cuppa Joe. These ten tracks are among the more personal, lovely songs we’ve had the pleasure to release. Get the download alone for just $5.00, or buy the CD for $7.00 and get the download free!

Cuppa Joe - Tunnel Trees

Strike Hard!
The 65's

We’re incredibly proud and thrilled to present to you Strike Hard!, the unbelievable debut LP from The 65’s.

Joe Wawrzyniak of Jersey Beat says “there’s a real depth and maturity at work here that’s both affecting and impressive in equal measure. A sterling album.”

Pick up your copy on CD or digital download today!

The 65's - Strike Hard!

This Band Will Destroy Your Life
Shirk Circus

Fifteen years in the making, here it is: the *long*-awaited third album from New Jersey indie greats Shirk Circus. We hope you love it as much as we do.

This Band Will Destroy Your Life

Delicate Friction
The Mommyheads

We’re proud to share with you the North American version of Delicate Friction, the latest pop classic from The Mommyheads.

Delicate Friction - The Mommyheads

Speed The Plough

The sixth album from New Jersey’s Speed The Plough, Shine, is now available!

Fret Sounds

Here’s Fret Sounds, the band’s blistering new album, just in time to fuel your summertime barbecues and beach trips.

Come get some.

Stuyvesant Fret Sounds Store Icon

Penguins Kill Polar Bears

A digital-only single from Scotland’s Penguins Kill Polar Bears – “Sapling.” For just $2.00, you can pick up the band’s latest single, plus the digital “B-side,” the dramatic “Geiger.”

Sapling by Penguins Kill Polar Bears

Vessels & Veins
Penguins Kill Polar Bears

We’re proud to offer you the North American debut from Scottish post-rock quartet Penguins Kill Polar Bears. The North American version of Vessels & Veins is a six-song EP, available on CD and digital download.

Penguins Kill Polar Bears - Vessels & Veins

Finest Specimens
The Mommyheads

Here it is – 21 great songs spanning 21 incredible years of Mommyheads music, the incredible Finest Specimens!

“They rock live, and their recordings are wonderful.” -Din210

Mommyheads Finest Specimens

Stuyvesant - "Jihad Me At Hello"

The Dromedary debut EP from Stuyvesant, Jihad Me At Hello, is now available for FREE. And for you audiophiles, you can get it in every format under the sun. FREE.

To get it, click this link and give us your email address; the EP is all yours!

Stuyvesant Jihad Me At Hello

Flying Suit
The Mommyheads

Flying Suit is considered by many to be one of the greatest indie records of the 90s. Beautifully remastered by Fred Kevorkian (White Stripes, Phish, Stuyvesant), the fidelity of this reissue is magnificent – and the record contains three bonus tracks that were not found on the original. The tracks – “Box,” “Over,” and “Day Job,” were recorded during the same era, and fit wonderfully in this collection.

Flying Suit Cover Art

I Am Spartacus.
Friends, Romans, Countrymen

Burly pop-core, Jersey City style, for your listening pleasure. After a long wait, this NJ indie treasure finally enjoys wide distribution – pick it up now!

I Am Spartacus. by Friends, Romans, Countrymen

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