Summer of Misguided Dynamite
Cathedral Ceilings

Cathedral Ceilings is in the moment. Songs like fireworks blast off, dazzle, and shimmer into the next eruption. After two sold-out singles, here’s the band’s stellar debut full-length, a blast of windows down, volume up, high-octane rock and roll, available on LP, limited edition LP with hand-screened slip cover, CD, and the digital format of your choice.

Summer of Misguided Dynamite

Heading North Again
Guy Capecelatro III

We are thrilled to be releasing Heading North Again by Guy Capecelatro III. Initially intended as a way of recognizing the tenth anniversary of 2012’s outstanding North for the Winter, the album started as a potential bonus single, slowly morphed into a companion piece and stands now as a fully-formed album of sad winter songs recorded in an old gymnasium in Western Mass with 21 of Guy’s friends and collaborators. Out now on CD and download.

I'm A Band!
Cathedral Ceilings

The latest from Cathedral Ceilings, two quick bursts of heavy pop to cure what ails ya.

Be on the lookout for a forthcoming full-length from these guys, but until then, here’s their second single, available in the digital format of your choice, or in limited-edition lathe-cut 7”, while supplies last.

Sugar Fight

We’re thrilled to release Snowglobe, a special three-song single by Kingston, NY’s Sugar Fight. The first band we’ve worked with from New York’s Hudson Valley, Sugar Fight is the pandemic power pop project of bassist/soongwriter Mark Lerner, who recruited some of the area’s finest talents to contribute to two outstanding, sugary sweet original songs plus a cover of the 1967 Doughboys song “Rhoda Mendelbaum.” Available in the digital format of your choice, and on limited-edition lathe-cut 7”.

Gummy Bear

In celebration of the new legalization laws in New York and New Jersey, and in celebration of 4/20, we bring you “Gummy Bear,” the latest by Psych-O-Positive. A psychedelic celebration, drenched in guitar and infused with soul. Available in the digital format of your choice, or in a super limited-edition lathe-cut 7” – get the lathe-cut today, because when they’re gone, they’re gone!


Deep Clean
Civic Mimic

Our latest single is Deep Clean, a three-song 7” by Civic Mimic. The quarantine project of Jeff Hersch of New Jersey’s Glazer, Deep Clean is three blasts of bedroom punk. Available in the digital format of your choice, or in a super-limited lathe-cut 7”.

Civic Mimic

The Covers Album

Every other week during 2021, we’ll be uploading a new cover by the band Smallpox as part of their Covers Album project. You can buy the whole thing for $18 and get instant access to each song as we release them, or if you’re more of a “dip your toes in the water” type, you can buy them one at a time for a dollar.

The most recent cover is of the Shirk Circus track “#10 (Under Acme), which was initially released by the band on their debut CD, Words To Say, released as a free download on the 10th anniversary of the passing of Shirk Circus guitarist/singer Josh Silverman.



The latest single in the “Safari Cards” series from Stuyvesant, Crow features two more outstanding blasts of heavy pop from our flagship band.

Available on limited-edition lathe-cut 7” or the digital format of your choice, our first release (of many) in 2021!

Stuyvesant - Crow

Must Be Santa/Must Be Satan

We’ve been a record label for 27 years, and we’ve never released a Christmas record.

We’ve been waiting for just the right year to spring just the right beast on you, and a 2020 record by NJ thrash monsters WORLDSUCKS seemed to fit.

“Must Be Santa”/“Must Be Satan” is the perfect soundtrack to your socially-distanced, stay-at-home-alone holiday. So sit back, spike your eggnog, and have a Metal Christmas!

Must Be Satan

I Feel Love
Karyn Kuhl Band

We can’t describe how pumped we are to be working with the Karyn Kuhl band. A legendary guitarist from Hoboken, Karyn played in the bands Gut Bank and Sexpod, two bands that helped build the music scene we called home for so many years.

Karyn Kuhl Band

Thanks For the Guitar, Mommy
Cathedral Ceilings

Our October, 2020 installment from our lathe-cut 7” series, Cathedral Ceilings is a new band consisting of Ralph from Stuyvesant, Nick from Overlake/Mr. Payday/Worldsucks, and Tom from Mr. Payday. Chock full of hooks and clocking in at just under three minutes total, the lathe-cuts sold out in 24 hours but the download is still available!


The latest in our lathe-cut 7” series, Bison – two tasty new blasts of sugar from Stuyvesant. “Hard-charging, fist-pumping, turbo-suburbo-rock.” (-The Big Takeover). Available in high-resolution digital download, and limited-edition lathe-cut 7”!

"The Point of the Point"

Out now: “The Point of the Point” w/“Checked Out,” the latest installment in our series of handmade lathe-cut records, this one another 8” from Savak. Available in high-resolution download and with a run of just 100 lathe-cut records – buy your copy today, because when they’re gone, they’re gone!

"Bait" w/"Couch Cooking"

Out now: “Bait” w/“Couch Cooking,” the new single by one of our favorite bands, Glazer. The record is available via high-resolution download and on all streaming platforms, and is also available as a limited-edition 8” lathe-cut (8 inches because Glazer’s sound is too damn big for 7”).

Garden Variety Fuckers
You, Me, and This Fucking Guy

Out Now: Garden Variety Fuckers, the debut LP from *You, Me, and This Fuckin’ Guy,” the latest project from John S. Hall (King Missile), Azalia Snail and Dan West (LoveyDove). Buy it now, and have it delivered to your home by an official US Government employee!

You, Me, and This Fucking Guy

Out now: “Garden,” the latest single from You, Me and This Fuckin’ Guy (formerly King Missile IV), featuring John S. Hall of King Missile, and Azalia Snail and Dan West of LoveyDove.

Download or stream the single, or pick up the limited edition lathe-cut 7” while they’re still available and get the download for free. Act quickly: when the 7“s are sold out, that’s it – there will be no second pressing!


Out now: Aardvark, the latest single from New Jersey power popsters Stuyvesant. Two hard-driving, hook-laden tracks marking the band’s first new music since 2016’s “Don’t.”

Download or stream the single, or pick up the limited edition lathe-cut 7” while they’re still available, and get the download for free. Act quickly; when the 7“s are gone, they’re gone!

Drac / Witch
Sink Tapes

Out now: “Drac / Witch,” a fantastic new three-song single by Sink Tapes. Three lovely slices of homemade indie pop, just like in the old days of Dromedary, when everything that we did had this flavor. We’re thrilled to be working with them.

You can download the three songs, or, you can pick up the limited edition lathe-cut 7” while they last, and get the download free.

Sink Tapes

Personality Crisis
The 65's

Out now: “Personality Crisis,” a raunchy cover of the New York Dolls’ classic by New Jersey punk veterans The 65’s. All proceeds will be donated to the GoFundMe campaign of Dolls’ guitarist Sylvain Sylvain, currently undergoing cancer treatment.

To make a donation to Sylvain’s GoFundMe yourself (and we humbly ask that you do), visit here

Teenage Waistline
Teenage Waistline

We are sold out of limited-edition lathe-cut 7“s of Teenage Waistline, the new single by Richmond, VA’s Positive No, but you can still pick it up on all digital formats.

We can’t say enough about what awesome people the band are, and their aggressive style of melodic pop is right up our alley.

Positive No - Teenage Waistline

Easter Tuesday
Joy Cleaner

We are now sold out of lathe-cut 7“s of the Joy Cleaner Easter Tuesday single. We have a few cassettes left, and you can also download the tracks in the high-res format of your choice.

Check out a great single by one of our favorite bands in New Jersey. Check it out!

Melting Hopefuls

“Gondola,” by Melting Hopefuls, was the first track ever released by Dromedary as the lead cut on the out-of-print compilation “Nothing Smells Quite Like Elizabeth.”

We’re thrilled to release a remixed and remastered version of the track, and make it available for free download to anyone who wants it! Happy Anniversary Dromedary!

Gondola - Melting Hopefuls

David Rat • The United Hates
David Rat

Finally, it’s the long awaited full-length digital EP from the great David Rat, The United Hates.

In 20+ years of releasing music, this is our first “serious” album, the first one we’ve released that demands that you sit down and spend time with it. The tracks don’t ease into your mind like a typical Dromedary pop song; they pound you until you pay attention and then they hold you rapt.

From '93 'Til Infinity

To celebrate our 20th anniversary of putting out records, we asked our friends to go back to 1993 with us, choose from one of the great indie rock songs that were released that year, and record a cover. The result is a fantastic assortment of great songs, from some of the greatest indie rock bands ever.

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