Delicate Friction

The Mommyheads
Delicate Friction - The Mommyheads

Fans of 1990s indie pop fell in love with The Mommyheads over and over as they criss-crossed the country, touring in support of albums that some still feel were among the greatest indie rock albums of their era. The band’s triumphant major label signing and subsequent breakup was quite heartbreaking to fans that had followed the band for nearly a decade.

Still, the members of the band didn’t disappear completely, resurfacing for the occasional solo album or guest appearance. A 2007 reunion began to reignite the fire among the band members, and it wasn’t long before the band was back in the studio, recording the great You’re Not A Dream for Oregon’s Bladen County Records.

In 2010, news of a reborn Dromedary Records, coupled with passionate fans in Sweden who begged for a tour, brought the Mommyheads back on the road, supporting a reissued Flying Suit, along with the retrospective compilation Finest Specimens.

But it was a fall, 2010 gig at the Rock Shop in Brooklyn where Adam Elk confidently stepped up to the mic and said “Okay, we’re going to play a new one, and it’s really hard to play.”

A hush fell over the crowd. New Mommyheads?! people gasped.

That new song was “I Wanna Stay,” and from the moment we heard it’s prog-tinged hooks, we were sold. Within a few months, we’d heard the completed album, and then waited patiently while our new friends in Sweden released Delicate Friction in support of a two-week Scandinavian tour.

Upon their arrival in the US, we began preparing to release this great album for the band’s North American (and European) fans, and much to our delight, the band handed us some bonus tracks, culled from an amazing live performance in Stockholm.

The Mommyheads were the band that many people felt defined Dromedary in the 90s, and we’re proud to still be with them today. We feel the same way now about them that we did then: this is an incredible band of talented musicians and songwriters. And super nice guys.

Feast your ears on this record – and while you’re at it, check out their YouTube page and feast your eyes on all the fantastic live video of Mommyheads classics and new cuts alike – you’ll be glad you did.

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