Make the Load Lighter: Indie Rock for Haiti

Various Artists
Make the Load Lighter: Indie Rock for Haiti by Various Artists

On January 12, 2010, Haiti was struck with a humanitarian disaster like we’ve never seen in our part of the globe. With hundreds of thousands dead or injured, and more than a million homeless, Haitians are in desperate need for assistance.

Make the Load Lighter: Indie Rock for Haiti is the result of sixteen great indie bands, donating their time and their art in hopes of raising money and awareness of the tragedy unfolding in Haiti.

In many ways, this compilation resembles the indie rock of old: bands pooling their resources, home-spun artwork, DIY ethics and a strong desire to make a difference. And yet today’s technology enables us to sell this complete collection of music online, just three weeks after the tragic earthquake struck Port au Prince.

Sixteen unbelievable indie rock bands that represent, stylistically, what Dromedary Records is all about – great indie rock, garage, punk(ish), power pop, post-rock and roots music. And with every penny we earn on this record being donated directly to charities operating in Haiti, your contribution makes a difference.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Footstone: “For the Boss”
2. Boss Jim Gettys: “With a Smile”
3. Cuppa Joe: “Taniqua”
4. Moviola: “Calling on the Line”
5. Three Blind Wolves: “Sex is for Losers”
6. Paula Carino: “The Great Depression”
7. Wallendas: “Adrianne”
8. The Neutron Drivers: “All Around the Sun”
9. The Dark Brothers: “Knee Deep in Sin”
10. There Will Be Fireworks: “Foreign Thoughts”
11. Gena Rowlands Band: “Fuckups of the World Unite”
12. The Mommyheads: “Spiders”
13. Farewell Singapore: “Blue”
14. Jenifer Convertible: “St. Pete”
15. “To Their Blood”
16. Stuyvesant: “Salieri”

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