Strike Hard!

The 65's
The 65's - Strike Hard!

We’re incredibly proud and thrilled to present to you Strike Hard!, the unbelievable debut LP from The 65’s.

Joe Wawrzyniak of Jersey Beat says “there’s a real depth and maturity at work here that’s both affecting and impressive in equal measure. A sterling album.”

Tim Hinely of Dagger Zine says “You’ll definitely hear a nod to classic 80’s bands like Husker Du and Moving Targets in their approach (and even some of 90’s UK punks Leatherface in Joe Vocaturo’s gravelly vocals) and like those aforementioned bands, these guys have the tunes to back it up.”

And Al of Dromedary Records just says that this is a damn good album that will fill you full of chunky guitar hooks, beautiful vocal melodies, and aggressive, noisy, punk-influenced rock and roll.

Pick up your copy on CD or digital download today!

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