Tunnel Trees

cuppa joe
Cuppa Joe - Tunnel Trees

In 1994, the release of Cuppa Joe’s Nurture CD was a landmark for Dromedary. Our first-ever CD, it remained one of our biggest-sellers (and still is today).

After Doug left the country with the Peace Corps and Dromedary went on hiatus, we lost touch with the band for more than a decade, only re-establishing contact after the Dromedary blog was launched in early 2009. As we regained our passion for indie rock, so did Cuppa Joe, and it wasn’t long before they were together again, spinning their special brand of homemade, back-porch pop.

These ten songs are among the more personal, lovely songs we’ve had the pleasure of releasing. We’re pleased to introduce to you Tunnel Trees.

Get the download alone for just $5.00, or buy the CD for $7.00 and get the download free!

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