Wobbles From Side To Side

Wobbles From Side To Side by Footstone

Celebrate the re-launch of Dromedary Records with us by downloading a free copy of Footstone’s Wobbles From Side To Side.

Initially released in early 1994, “Wobbles” was Footstone’s debut seven-inch, and featured two tracks: “Mountain Man,” an early favorite and a tribute to cheap beer, and “Belly,” an ode to, well, we’re still not sure what.

To sweeten the deal, we’re offering an additional, previously unreleased third track, unearthed from the band’s 1993 recording session. “Airbag” showcases the band’s early pop sensibilities and hints at the power pop hook machine they would one day become.

All three tracks were initially recorded by Ray Ketchem, and all three have been remastered by Footstone’s Mark Abney.

To get your hands on these tracks, simply click the “buy” link below.

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